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About Us

Established in the year of 2003’s BHARTI CARE, for ensure the stock availability related to the construction upgrade materials. The company is stockist of quality product of “construction chemicals” and related materials. With this thinking we introduce our self as a “CONSTRUCTION CHEMICAL HOUSE”. We are an ISO-9001:2008 certified company. Our main segment of working are Anti Termites chemicals, Construction Chemicals & all types of Adhesives. Our stock home is Ludhiana (Punjab) and we supply the goods all over in “INDIA”. With the running of time we are now mater in construction chemicals. We have the best team which can identify the need of customer and can satisfy the customer with the perfect work.

Products And Solutions Location Wise:

01. Sika Waterproofing Distributors Ludhiana
02. Sika Waterproofing Distributors Punjab
03. Sika Waterproofing Distributors Chandigarh
04. Sika Waterproofing Distributors Kharar
05. Sika Waterproofing Distributors Mohali
06. Sika Waterproofing Distributors Jammu & Kashmir
07. Sika Waterproofing Distributors Himachal Pradesh
08. Sika Waterproofing Distributors Haryana
09. Sika Waterproofing Distributors India
10. Sika Waterproofing
11. Sikawaterproofing Solutions
12. Sika Waterproofing Solutions Ludhiana
13. Sika Waterproofing Solutions Punjab
14. Sika Waterproofing Solutions Chandigarh
15. Sika Waterproofing Solutions Kharar
16. Sika Waterproofing Solutions Mohali
17. Sika Waterproofing Solutions Jammu & Kashmir
18. Sika Waterproofing Solutions Himachal Pradesh
19. Sika Waterproofing Solutions Haryana
20. Sika Waterproofing Solutions India
21. Kerakoll Waterproofing Distributors Ludhiana
22. Kerakoll Waterproofing Distributors Punjab
23. Kerakoll Waterproofing Distributors Chandigarh
24. Kerakoll Waterproofing Distributors Kharar
25. Kerakoll Waterproofing Distributors Mohali
26. Kerakoll Waterproofing Distributors Jammu & Kashmir
27. Kerakoll Waterproofing Distributors Himachal Pradesh
28. Kerakoll Waterproofing Distributors Haryana
29. Kerakoll Waterproofing Distributors India
30. Kerakoll Waterproofing
31. Kerakollwaterproofing Solutions
32. Kerakoll Waterproofing Solutions Ludhiana
33. Kerakoll Waterproofing Solutions Punjab
34. Kerakoll Waterproofing Solutions Chandigarh
35. Kerakoll Waterproofing Solutions Kharar
36. Kerakoll Waterproofing Solutions Mohali
37. Kerakoll Waterproofing Solutions Jammu & Kashmir
38. Kerakoll Waterproofing Solutions Himachal Pradesh
39. Kerakoll Waterproofing Solutions Haryana
40. Kerakoll Waterproofing Solutions India
41. Building Construction Chemicals
42. Building Construction Chemicals Suppliers
43. Building Construction Chemicals Suppliers Ludhiana
44. Building Construction Chemicals Suppliers Punjab
45. Building Construction Chemicals Suppliers Chandigarh
46. Building Construction Chemicals Suppliers Kharar
47. Building Construction Chemicals Suppliers Mohali
48. Building Construction Chemicals Suppliers Jammu & Kashmir
49. Building Construction Chemicals Suppliers Himachal Pradesh
50. Building Construction Chemicals Suppliers Haryana
51. Building Construction Chemicals Suppliers India
52. Building Chemicals Ludhiana
53. Building Chemicals Punjab
54. Building Chemicals Chandigarh
55. Building Chemicals Kharar
56. Building Chemicals Mohali
57. Building Chemicals Jammu & Kashmir
58. Building Chemicals Himachal Pradesh
59. Building Chemicals Haryana
60. Building Chemicals India
61. Waterproofing Solutions Ludhiana
62. Waterproofing Solutions Punjab
63. Waterproofing Solutions Chandigarh
64. Waterproofing Solutions Kharar
65. Waterproofing Solutions Mohali
66. Waterproofing Solutions Jammu & Kashmir
67. Waterproofing Solutions Himachal Pradesh
68. Waterproofing Solutions Haryana
69. Waterproofing Solutions India
70. Termite Pipeline Solutions
71. Termite Pipeline
72. Termite Pipeline Solutions Ludhiana
73. Termite Pipeline Solutions Punjab
74. Termite Pipeline Solutions Chandigarh
75. Termite Pipeline Solutions Kharar
76. Termite Pipeline Solutions Mohali
77. Termite Pipeline Solutions Jammu & Kashmir
78. Termite Pipeline Solutions Himachal Pradesh
79. Termite Pipeline Solutions Haryana
80. Anti Termite
81. Anti Termite Solutions
82. Anti Termite Solutions Ludhiana
83. Anti Termite Solutions Punjab
84. Anti Termite Solutions Chandigarh
85. Anti Termite Solutions Kharar
86. Anti Termite Solutions Mohali
87. Anti Termite Solutions Jammu & Kashmir
88. Anti Termite Solutions Himachal Pradesh
89. Anti Termite Solutions Haryana
90. Anti Termite Solutions India
91. Tata Termex
92. Tata Termex Solutions
93. Tata Termex Ludhiana
94. Tata Termex Punjab
95. Tata Termex Chandigarh
96. Tata Termex Kharar
97. Tata Termex Mohali
98. Tata Termex Jammu & Kashmir
99. Tata Termex Himachal Pradesh
100. Tata Termex Haryana
101. Tata Termex India
102. Tata Termex Anti Termite Solutions
103. Tata Termex Anti Termite
104. Tata Termex Anti Termite Ludhiana
105. Tata Termex Anti Termite Punjab
106. Tata Termex Anti Termite Chandigarh
107. Tata Termex Anti Termite Kharar
108. Tata Termex Anti Termite Mohali
109. Tata Termex Anti Termite Jammu & Kashmir
110. Tata Termex Anti Termite Himachal Pradesh
111. Tata Termex Anti Termite Haryana
112. Tata Termex Anti Termite India
113. Biflex TC Insecticide Termiticide
114. Biflex TC Insecticide
115. Biflex TC Termiticide
116. Adhesive Solutions
117. Adhesive Solutions Ludhiana
118. Adhesive Solutions Punjab
119. Adhesive Solutions Chandigarh
120. Adhesive Solutions Kharar
121. Adhesive Solutions Mohali
122. Adhesive Solutions Jammu & Kashmir
123. Adhesive Solutions Himachal Pradesh
124. Adhesive Solutions Haryana
125. Adhesive Solutions India
126. Adhesive Products Suppliers Ludhiana
127. Adhesive Products Suppliers Punjab
128. Adhesive Products Suppliers Chandigarh
129. Adhesive Products Suppliers Kharar
130. Adhesive Products Suppliers Mohali
131. Adhesive Products Suppliers Jammu & Kashmir
132. Adhesive Products Suppliers Himachal Pradesh
133. Adhesive Products Suppliers Haryana
134. Adhesive Products Suppliers India
135. Tiles Grouts Ludhiana Punjab
136. Floor Grouting Ludhiana Punjab
137. Tiles and Stones Adhesives
138. Epoxy and Floor Adhesives
139. Mapei Construction Chemicals Ludhiana
140. Mapei Construction Chemicals Punjab
141. Mapei Construction Chemicals Chandigarh
142. Mapei Construction Chemicals Kharar
143. Mapei Construction Chemicals Mohali
144. Mapei Construction Chemicals Jammu & Kashmir
145. Mapei Construction Chemicals Himachal Pradesh
146. Mapei Construction Chemicals Haryana
147. Mapei Construction Chemicals India

Core Values


Pursuit of excellence through quality.


Performance through teamwork.

Customer Service

We are always keeping our clients satisfied and delight.


We do respect for an individual and giving the best result.


We maintain highest level of integrity to clients.

Business Ethics

Creation of wealth through fair & ethical business practices.


We balance the market requirements and subject according to the clients.


We work with full dedication and passion to give the clients happy.

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