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Endura Construction Chemical:

Tiles & Stone installation, Waterproofing Systems, Flooring Solutions, Concrete Repair, Anchors & Grouts, Decorative Finishes.

Tile Grouts:-

Cement Polymer Grouts, Super Grout, Epoxy Grout, WAD

Concrete Repair & Ancillaries:-

E160, E135

Grout & Anchors:-

B30, ACF8

Tile & Stone Care-Cleaners:-

CP Fitting & Sanitory Cleaner (I), Non Acidic Cleaner

Tile & Stone Care-Sealer:-

Under Tile & Stone Primer, FC SS

Water Proofing Systems:-

WPM 004/002/310/810

Adhesive Product Range

(polymer modified tile adhesive)

(high polymer modified, cementitious tile/ stone adhesive)

(white cement based, high polymer modified tile/ stone adhesive)

(high performance, polymer modified, non-slip adhesive)

(premium quality, high polymer modified deformable adhesive)

(two components flexible tile/ stone adhesive for wood & metal surface)

(Liquid polymer, additive for use with cement based adhesive)

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