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Biflex TC Insecticide/Termiticide

Protection with Responsibility.

Biflex TC is the world’s most advanced chemistry to protect structures against termites is now available in India. Biflex offers the longest protection period against termites in a safe, environment friendly and ‘green’ fashion. Biflex creates an invisible termite barrier that will give you peace of mind that comes only in knowing your investment has been protected professionally with the best termiticide treatment available.

Unique features

Double action protection

Biflex TC solves your termite problems in two ways. Not only does it work quickly to KILL ACTIVE TERMITES, it also creates an invisible protective barrier that surrounds your home to REPEL TERMITES.
Some Termiticides only kill termites when they penetrate a chemically treated zone as they move towards a structure. With Biflex TC termiticide, the active ingredient prevents termites from crossing the barrier AND kills them on contact. The advantages of a repellent barrier vs. non-repellent zone are obvious.
Even when a Biflex TC termiticide barrier becomes thin or weakened over time, it will still provide protection since it reduces the pressure of the attack through repellency and hence termites do not challenge the barrier. However, termites will challenge and may penetrate a thin or week non-repellent treated zone.

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