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About Mapei Construction Products India Pvt. Ltd.

Mapei products offer clients the most specific & most advanced solutions in the world of building. Users of Mapei products can see for themselves, day after day, how this choice leads to optimising work, maximum application yield and perfect results, under all conditions. Mapei is not just a supplier; they are also a partner for all those who operate in this sector with a comprehensive range without rivals. We, at Bharti Care are the distributor of Mapei brand inthe product segments of construction chemicals and adhesive related products.

Mapei’s Construction Chemicals:

Mapegrout Thixotropic, Mapegrout T40/T60/T80, Mapegrout SV, Mapefill 06, Mapegrout Hi-Flow B2/Easyflow IN, Mapelastic, Mapelastic Smart, Nivoplan, Mapefill GP IN, Plaingrout 300, Mapefill HS IN, Epoject LV, Epoject SLV, Eporip, Mapefer, Mapeshield l, Mapeshield E25, Durasil EB, Mapewrap-G Quadri-AX, Mapewrap S Fabric 2000, Mapewrap G Uni-AX, Mapewrap S Fabric 650, Mapewrap S FIOCCO, Mapewrap Primer 1 SP etc.

Mapei Adhesive Products Range

Cementious adhesive for ceramic tiles

Easily trowellable cementitious adhesive with superior bond strength, low slump and high initial grab suitable for most types of ceramic tiles and stone material.

Cement based adhesive with good initial adhesion strength and no vertical slip for ceramic tiles.

High performance white cementitious adhesive, with no vertical slip and extended open time for glass, ceramic and marble mosaic.

High performance, deformable cementitious adhesive with extended open time and no vertical slip.

Paintable acrylic sealant with a render-effect finish for movements up to 12.5%.

Bituminen sealant

Refractory grout

Paintable hybrid sealant and adhesive.

Elastic high modulus, flexible, crystal clear, paintable, hybrid sealant & adhesive.

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